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    The Association Manager and/or a designated staff member will verify the violation. If a violation is verified, the property owner of record (and tenant, if applicable) are sent a letter via United States Postal Service (USPS) which gives 21 days to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected within the stated time, a registered letter is sent via USPS giving the property owner 14 days to correct the issue. If the violation is still not corrected, a registered letter is sent via USPS giving the property owner 7 days to correct the violation. If at that time the property owner has neither corrected the violation nor contacted the TVPOA office, the matter is turned over to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting. If the Board determines that the matter needs to be turned over to the attorney of record, a directive is issued to the Association Manager to send the matter on to the attorney along with all correspondence to date. The attorney of records then sends a registered letter to the property owner. If the attorney's letter yields no response and the violation is not corrected, the matter may go to court.