2022 POA Board Election Results

In a continued effort to provide transparency to our Tahitian Village Membership, the following information is the most recent information regarding the election results announced at the Tahitian Village Annual Membership Meeting, which took place this past Saturday.

To recap, the Election Judge (Dorothy Orr) brought all election working documents to the Annual Meeting.  Per protocol, she entered the ballot data onto the Election Ballots Results Form and placed the form into an envelope, and sealed it.  When preparing to leave prior to the start of the Annual Membership Meeting, the Election Judge inadvertently gathered the sealed envelope containing the election results into her personal paperwork and took it home.  As such, she neglected to deliver the Election Ballot Results Form sealed in the envelope to the Election Chairperson (Kris Cook).

Upon discovering the Election Chairperson did not have the sealed envelope containing the election results in her possession, we asked her to call the Election Judge and obtain those results over the phone.  Those handwritten results relayed over the phone were verified by the Election Chairperson and those confirmed results were read to the Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting.  Those ballot results read as follows:

Charles Brading-648;
Ruth Bullock-480;
Deena Eden-405;
Courtney Kellogg-392; and
Michele Plummer-386.

On Monday morning the Election Judge delivered the election results file in Excel format to the TVPOA office to allow us to update our records and post the election results to the TahitianVillage.org website.  Upon reviewing the file, it was immediately clear that the results read to the Membership at the Annual Meeting did not align with those contained in the file received on Monday. The ballot results received in the file read as follows:

Charles Brading-431;
Ruth Bullock-338;
Deena Eden-305;
Courtney Kellogg-274; and
Michele Plummer-256. 

The inconsistency of these results demanded an immediate recount and a closed meeting of the Election Committee and the Tribunal was scheduled. This meeting took place last evening. The Election Committee is comprised of three members:  Kris Cook, Chair of the Election Committee; Gwen Winter, Election Committee Member; and Erika McDonald Election Committee Member.  The Tribunal is comprised of three members:  Bruce Wilson, Jan Kuchel, and Christel Key.  All members of the Election Committee and The Tribunal were in attendance and conducted a recount of the ballots.  The final ballot results per the recount are as follows:

Charles Brading-432;
Ruth Bullock-375;
Deena Eden-305;
Courtney Kellogg-271; and
Michele Plummer-262.

Whereas the ballot totals did change, the overall results of the election remain the same. These are the official Election Results that will be posted on the TahitianVillage.org website today.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send those inquiries to: [email protected].


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